New book, new look
22 July, 2021

There’s some exciting news coming. Keep up with all this here and on ian’s social media pages. With Dan Calder, you know it’s going to be...BIG!


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Ian at Auckland Fringe Festival
30 May, 2021

Ian's recent participation in the Auckland Fringe Festival's Criminal Minds event was recorded for posterity.


So if you've ever wondered what he looks and sounds like, haven't seen in him in so long that you've forgotten what he looks and sounds like or are just weird that way that you'd like to look at and hear him, here is the perfect answer.

Ian apologises for the first part, he'd forgotten he was supposed to do a reading and was looking for a suitable passage. Hey at least you know it was live!! Enjoy.

Blood by the Bombays event
26 May, 2021

What was Julie Andrews thinking. If you're looking for 'Favourite things' then you can't go passed the Ngaio Marsh Awards 2021 Library events.

Ian will be appearing as part of the panel at the Blood by the Bombays, at 6pm on Wednesday 26 May at Pukekohe Library.

You won't want to miss this, so visit the library or Ian's, Ian Austin Author Facebook page for more details.

Ian's books now available for eBooks
28 February, 2021

In December 2020 the Calder series will be published as eBooks, starting of course with The Agency.


The 8th December is the official launch date and subsequently on the 8th January 2021 then the 8th February 2021 The Second Grave and Frozen Summer will make their electronic debuts.

The books page contains full details and '1 click' tabs to take you to the relevant Amazon pages.

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