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The Dan Calder bundle

Exclusive offer to UK and NZ residents


All the pieces together have now been put together.


Who is Ian Austin?

A career Police officer in the UK, where he specialised in covert investigations and then a further stint in the NZ Police, gives Ian Austin an unprecedented understanding of crime, criminals and their victims. Now a full time resident and NZ citizen, Ian adds yoga teacher to his resume. (But that's another story!)

'We're all products of our own experiences.' He says to explain how he's able to write with such depth and detail. And with the career experiences he has had, it's not surprising his books are constructed so that the reader can almost feel and taste the stories, as well as see them through each printed page.  

His multi-faceted and multi-flawed protagonist Dan Calder, will take you on voyages of discovery, where you'll laugh and cry as well as scream and shiver as you share in his uniquely inspired adventures. 

Thrilling crime fiction



The Agency

Death by design. Your dream departure is The Agency’s bespoke service.


Frozen Summer

Zoe Summers finally has a chance to rest in peace - if Dan Calder can resolve her death at his feet, all those years before.


The Second Grave

If revenge is a dish best served cold, Dan Calder needs a much bigger fridge.



Some families shouldn’t stick together. Dan Calder's latest mission weaves several true stories into one epic story.

Ian Austin Dan Calder Series Bundle Offer.png

The Dan Calder bundle $36

Dive into Dan's Calder's world by reading the first books in the Dan Calder series. Once you start, you won't be able to stop...

"If you’ve ever thought about making a sea change, you’ll be fascinated by the story and ways of working of Ian Austin – ex-cop turned full-time novelist. His first self-published book ‘The Ideas Man’ has now been followed up by 'The Agency.'


If you love writers like John Grisham, watch this man!"

 Robyn Pearce, WebTalkRadio


"Excellent New Zealand crime fiction. His ability to communicate with his audience and allow them to see, hear, feel touch and taste what is happening on the page is as uncommon as it is satisfying."

Graham Beattie. Beattie's Book Blog 

"I could add it to the 'trophy shelf' along with the few other titles I think are utterly remarkable."

Karl Ogle.

Fireside Chat Ian Austin.png

Watch and listen to Ian's Fireside Chat

December 2021

Ian and his friend Robyn sat down fireside and had a chat. Streamed live on Facebook in December 2021, Ian answered questions and provided a thorough insight into himself and his relationship with Dan Calder, his fictional protagonist.


This intimate discussion touched on all things about Ian's latest Dan Calder release, 'Bonded', plus Ian's past career in the Police and his life as a writer since.

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