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Research for new book done!

24 May 2022

My recent visit to the UK was a success, both personally and professionally.  I visited Nottingham where I collected a huge amount of research material for the next Dan Calder book. The suburb of West Bridgford lays alongside the famous River Trent and will be the perfect backdrop for what Dan's got in store for you.


I love using my past Police career to describe everyday situations. During a talk with the Ruddington Writers Group, I mentioned how I'd come to experience how different blood can smell, depending on how long a corpse might have stayed undiscovered or in what circumstances it was found. Let me tell you, if you can imagine a smoothie drink made from seawater and a bucket of rusted iron nails, you're on the way to knowing what the blood from a body which has been in the ocean for a couple of weeks smells like. Enjoy your next smoothie!

Above the Clouds

UK here we come

5 April 2022

April has come around very quickly and so that means I'm off to the UK to see family and friends for the first time in three years. Very excited as you can imagine, especially as I'll be there for the birth of my grandson. 


The book I'm currently working on is a prequel to the Dan Calder series and is set over a Summer's weekend in a suburb of Nottingham called West Bridgford. Covid has made travel and in-person research impossible, so through the wonders of social media, a community group have enthusiastically been helping me with advice, recommendations and even photos of the area in response to particular questions I've given them. Incorporating real-life places and including interesting little tit-bits such as folklore and local knowledge gives my books that great sense of realism. I will be in Nottingham and West Bridgford on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23 April to speak to and talk with my new friends.

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First newsletter is sent

4 March 2022

The brand new 'Newsletter' has just had its inauguration with the Autumn 2022 edition going out a couple of days ago. The newsltter is designed to keep you up to date with all things Ian and the latest regarding his thrilling books.

I also hope you are enjoying the new look website, I'm delighted with the look and the feel of it and really do think of it as a reflection of myself.

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Latest Interviews with Ian

14 December 2021

Since the release of Bonded in November, Ian has been busy with interviews and promotional work. He recently met with Robyn Pearce for a 'Fireside Chat' streamed live on Facebook. They discussed 'Bonded' and Ian's past career in the Police force, and his life as a writer now.

Keep an eye on this page for more news and updates from Ian.


Bonded's 1st review has landed!

2 December 2021

Talk show host Robyn Pearce has recently reviewed Bonded - this is a snippet of what she had to say:


'To avoid all spoilers, all I will say is—read it! This book is outstanding. I couldn’t put it down. Fast-paced, exciting, great characterization, and excellent research. I know some of the areas Austin writes about and the detail is exceptional'.

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Bonded is launched!

12 November 2021

It's FINALLY here. Bonded is now officially...Launched! I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are on Dan Calder's latest mission.

To all of those who have been following along my journey as an Author and patiently awaiting the release of Bonded...I cannot thank you enough. Your encouragement and support make it all worthwhile.

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