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launches 24 Nov!

10 November 2023

It's been a rollercoaster to get this book out in the world but I'm very pleased and proud we made it in the end.

It's definitely another Dan Calder adventure however, I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised by the way MAN.MADE. is presented and how the story... or should I say multiple stories unfold.

I'm very happy to let one big cat out of the bag before the official launch date; MAN.MADE. comes with its own soundtrack within the pages. It's not every crime thriller story that can boast that is it!


I took a new approach to designing the book cover this time. I'm very satisfied with the new colours and the whole jigsaw concept. I think readers will understand how and why Dan's life can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle as they proceed through the book. Look out for a few giveaways and other MAN.MADE. content coming up soon on the website and on social media.

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Is Finished

7 May 2023

MAN.MADE. is finished... well as finished as any book ever is before it goes off to the printer. We don't have a fixed date for publishing yet and there won't be one for a little while longer as one or two things get sorted out regarding its final appearance in printed form. 


I'd started writing another book before finishing MAN.MADE. and I've returned to it again recently. However along the way another idea for a story found its way into my brain and then onto the laptop. Since then I've been alternating between the two; so far neither has taken control. Therefore currently, I'm happily writing two unrelated stories! I'm sure I'll wake up one day soon and there will be just one of them I want to throw myself into. When that happens, you'll be the first to know.


I turned 60 a few weeks ago and I can happily report it's actually completely fine - 60 feels like 40 did and that's okay with me!


A small insight to MAN.MADE.

4 November 2022

MAN.MADE. is with my new London based editor Richard, and the most recent messages suggest he's reasonably happy with what I've produced thus far. I'm hoping to get the manuscript back before the end of November and then I can get my teeth into the next round of additions and amendments. I'm very excited about this new book as it's such a departure from the previous Dan Calder adventures. I still can't reveal much about the plot, but what I can tell you is MAN.MADE. is a prequel, set in the year 2000, before Dan leaves the Police in the UK and heads to New Zealand. So maybe the title makes a bit more sense to you now.

You'll see from the picture that MAN.MADE. must have something to do with a blue van. This is definitely not going to be the cover, only my random imagination at play, but it did get me thinking about a cover which we'll have to develop over the next few months. If you have always wanted to create something like a book cover or happen to be a designer with experience, I'd love to hear from you.

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Work in Progress

29 July 2022

I hope my fellow NZ'ers are managing to stay dry and warm through the current super wet spell. At least it's easy to make the excuse to stay indoors writing, supporting myself with lots of tea and biscuits.

It would be more accurate to describe my writing at the moment as revising, as I continue on the 'MAN.MADE.' project and try to get it ready to send off to editors, assessors and proofreaders. I still find getting the balance of not underdoing nor overdoing it right at this stage a challenge, which is why it takes time.

I've also turned my mind to the various formats I might be releasing the new book in, and one of those options is as an audiobook.


It was Willow's birthday at the beginning of July, both she and I seem to be greying gracefully together. When I'm not writing or involved with yoga, (either teaching or practicing) I try to get to the golf course a couple of times per week for some fresh air and a lesson in temper self-control! Willow comes along too and must run ten times as far as I walk during the course of the round.

Ian Austin Author

Welcome to Winter!

23 June 2022

The temperatures suddenly dropped recently and even though I knew it was coming it was still a bit of a surprise. However, the shortest day is behind us now and so I'm literally feeling a little brighter already. Don't you just love New Zealand winters or is it an ex Brit thing do you think?

The colder days have meant I've been tucked up inside most of the time, working my way through the first draft of the upcoming 'MAN.MADE.' manuscript. I'm looking for mistakes and other areas to improve. It's always a thrill to see the pages printed off for the first time, the words on paper are somehow extra real in printed form.   

I'm still very keen to do some speaking events if possible, but so far my calendar is still pretty open. Do get in touch if the idea appeals to you and your group.

Stay safe and warm everyone and happy Matariki (Maori new year) to all my fellow Kiwis.

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Research for new book done!

24 May 2022

My recent visit to the UK was a success, both personally and professionally.  I visited Nottingham where I collected a huge amount of research material for the next Dan Calder book. The suburb of West Bridgford lays alongside the famous River Trent and will be the perfect backdrop for what Dan's got in store for you.


I love using my past Police career to describe everyday situations. During a talk with the Ruddington Writers Group, I mentioned how I'd come to experience how different blood can smell, depending on how long a corpse might have stayed undiscovered or in what circumstances it was found. Let me tell you, if you can imagine a smoothie drink made from seawater and a bucket of rusted iron nails, you're on the way to knowing what the blood from a body which has been in the ocean for a couple of weeks smells like. Enjoy your next smoothie!

Above the Clouds

UK here we come

5 April 2022

April has come around very quickly and so that means I'm off to the UK to see family and friends for the first time in three years. Very excited as you can imagine, especially as I'll be there for the birth of my grandson. 


The book I'm currently working on is a prequel to the Dan Calder series and is set over a Summer's weekend in a suburb of Nottingham called West Bridgford. Covid has made travel and in-person research impossible, so through the wonders of social media, a community group have enthusiastically been helping me with advice, recommendations and even photos of the area in response to particular questions I've given them. Incorporating real-life places and including interesting little tit-bits such as folklore and local knowledge gives my books that great sense of realism. I will be in Nottingham and West Bridgford on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23 April to speak to and talk with my new friends.

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First newsletter is sent

4 March 2022

The brand new 'Newsletter' has just had its inauguration with the Autumn 2022 edition going out a couple of days ago. The newsltter is designed to keep you up to date with all things Ian and the latest regarding his thrilling books.

I also hope you are enjoying the new look website, I'm delighted with the look and the feel of it and really do think of it as a reflection of myself.

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