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The best book I've read since finishing the Stieg Larsson Dragon Tattoo trilogy and I'm just as hooked.


It's amazing, I can't wait to see what happens next!

C. A.  England.

Reader reviews

Excellent crime novel, with a few twists. Easy to read novel and well worth purchasing it.

A great read from start to finish.

J. Taylor.  England.

Innovative novel with an intriguing plot and characters - I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next one.

R. Mackintosh.  England.

To avoid all spoilers, all I will say is—read it! This book is outstanding. I couldn’t put it down.


Fast-paced, exciting, great characterization, and excellent research.


I know some of the areas Austin writes about and the detail is exceptional.

R. Pearce. United States.

At last, someone who knows what he is talking about when writing about covert matters and procedures.


Look forward to the sequel.

T. Hawes. England.

Ingenious plot, believable characters.


The premise of The Agency gripped me from early on, the characters are believable and I liked the dual setting of New Zealand and the UK.

Karen. A. England.

An absorbing crime thriller from a retired police officer so the reader is aware that the author is experienced in real crime solving. Not a 'Who Dunnit', as the guilty party is made known early on, but a fascinating game of cat and mouse that starts in the UK and unravels in NZ.


Looking forward to the second title in the series.

J. Turner. England.

As a reader, I have never felt more included in the story so far. The ways in which the author takes the reader by surprise and describes with tremendous detail.

Such talent must not go a miss.

S. Franklin. England.

I felt truly immersed in the story right from the beginning, as the descriptions of the characters and places were so vivid and all consuming.


There are many twists and turns and nothing was predictable, which was great because it kept you thinking from start to finish, and once I got to the finish.... all I can say is bring on the next book. 

S. Coaton.

A thrilling tale of guilt and redemption. Dan Calder is an exciting character, his own dark past fascinates and weaves a colourful background in which this story is set.

Ian Austin has created a character with real depth, I'm looking forward to his next instalment!

Truely gripping.

H. Corbett. England.

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