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The Agency

Dan Calder is an ex Brit and ex policeman looking for a fresh start.


He wants a fresh start in a new country but still carrying the baggage of failed relationships and a depressed, repressed past.


He chose New Zealand because it was as far as he could get from his old life but did not take into account the universal six degrees of separation is no more than two or three in the land of the long white cloud. 


The Agency provides a service like no other and New Zealand is the ideal location to find a new client. When Calder first encounters it by sheer chance, his life instantly changes and before long others are depending on him too. 


Engaged in a deadly game with an unknown foe; this was not the new life Dan Calder planned for himself but now at stake is the ultimate reward; his own salvation.

Please note our website currently ships to New Zealand, Australia and the UK only. Outside of NZ, AUS or UK? Click here to buy via Amazon

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