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Released November 2021

Dan Calder is back, for a brand new mission.

Some families shouldn’t stick together. Dan Calder's latest mission weaves several true stories into one epic story. When unlimited wealth and power are incorporated into the mix too, no boundaries are safe from being crossed to get what you want.

Dan Calder’s thrown in at the deep end to help Police make some sense of all the evidence about the terrorist bombing plot at Auckland International Airport, but the one thing he needs most of all is the one thing he doesn’t have… Time!

When Calder challenges the authorities view, he’s summarily dumped altogether from the investigation. Aggrieved and hell bent on solving the outrageously audacious crime, he takes off to St Louis in search of a missing sister and preventing the family reunion to end all reunions. 

One insatiable desire passed down through four generations in America’s broken heart city, a mercenary entirely focused on the job, unbreakable family bonds and Dan Calder’s career covering up a domestic life in turmoil. Everything is on the line with multiple stories interwoven by time and blood… Bonded.

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