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It’s the hottest weekend of Summer 2000. Dan Calder’s at home with his girlfriend and she is packing up to leave when a call-out from Headquarters comes as a blessed relief. A run-of-the-mill job like a hundred the team’s done before. Once he and his surveillance colleagues are all in  position, all they can do is wait for the target to move.

Fortunately for Dan, this job calls for the Obs Van which is his happy place. Its mechanical  idiosyncrasies make them kindred spirits in many ways. Plus double time for just sitting and watching the target’s front door. ‘Money for jam.’ As his best friend Nick would say.


To take his mind off the end of his latest domestic disaster, what could be better than whiling away the solitary hours by listening to all of his favourite songs, freshly installed on his brand-new iPod. But Dan’s life is about to be turned upside down and ripped apart to the soundtrack of his past and present-day life.


The result could destroy him completely… or it could just be the making of him.


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