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Frozen Summer

Dead isn’t always followed by and gone. An all but forgotten cold case, all for one person that is. No one in their right mind would go back again… Right mind? Correct!


Frozen Summer is the nickname Dan Calder’s girlfriend Tara gives to a cold case, the coldest one of all. Who else but Calder would contemplate investigating an unsolved killing where he’s the only suspect? Psychologically tortured by Zoe Summers death to this day. Being there, being involved, covering it up.


Armed with the police files from the original investigation, now he can inject his own witness evidence into the mix to generate new leads. The time’s come to revisit the scene of his blackest experience in order to try and move on once and for all. At stake are the relationships with Tara, their new son Bradley and possibly his very liberty.


One way or another it ends here. Right here, right now.

Frozen Summer

  • Zoe Summers finally has a chance to rest in peace - if Dan Calder can resolve her death at his feet, all those years before.

  • Our website currently ships to New Zealand, Australia and the UK only. For all other locations Frozen Summer is available to purchase via Amazon.

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